How to Recover Deleted Internet History Searches?

Answer Many people think that once you delete your Internet history searches, they are gone forever. However, although they are "deleted," they are still stored in a hidden file known as the "index.dat" f... Read More »

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Can I recover deleted Internet history?

Follow these steps: 1.The easy and quick way to restore file and activity History is the System control feature. Since much history is saved into the Windows Registry, restoring it to a previous st... Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Internet History on a Mac?

As you browse the Internet on your Mac, the web browser saves this history. You can then search through your history folder to see what sites you have visited and when you visited them. Users can d... Read More »

How to recover deleted internet history?

You didn't mention what operating system you have, but here's an article you might find interesting. Good Luck. Source(s):…

How to Recover Deleted Internet History?

It is actually nobody's business what you do on your computer or for a matter of fact what you do. Unfortunately we all have to share computers in some places and protecting yourself privacy is ver... Read More »