How to Recover Bad Sectors in a Hard Drive?

Answer Bad sectors on a hard drive are caused by errors in the read/write process of the computer's operating system. Over time, these bad sectors can lead to lost or corrupted data, so finding and fixing... Read More »

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What does it mean if your hard drive has bad sectors?

Bad sectors are portions of the hard drive that are unreadable. They usually multiply, and eventually the drive will completely fail.But, how long that will take depends on what caused the bad sect... Read More »

How to Recover a Portable Hard Drive?

Portable hard drives connect into a computer's USB port and allow you to transfer pictures, video and documents between multiple computers. If you remove a file that you did not want to during a tr... Read More »

How to recover my hard disk drive?

In Windows if an external hard drive is disconnected without first "Safely Removing" it, trouble may develop. I have recovered files from such windows damaged drives with Ubuntu Linux OS. Borrow a ... Read More »

How to Recover a Hard Drive With Freeware?

It's never fun when a hard drive crashes. You can lose lots of important data and it seems like you have no hope of recovery. However, there are ways to save some data. A variety of freeware progra... Read More »