How to Recoup Overpaid Wages?

Answer Computer errors and employee mistakes can lead to payroll errors that result in an employee receiving too much money on payday. State laws vary on requirements for collecting overpaid wages, but al... Read More »

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If Overpaid for Unemployment in New York, Can They Garnish My Wages?

Being unemployed is a stressful experience, though being eligible for unemployment compensation certainly does help the situation. If you collect unemployment in New York, ensure that you keep trac... Read More »

How to Recoup Lost Rent After an Eviction?

When a tenant and landlord enter into an agreement by signing a lease, the tenant assumes certain responsibilities, one of which is to pay the rent according to the lease terms. When the tenant fai... Read More »

How to Recoup a Start-up Investment in Retail?

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and investors make is to hang on to a failing company until bankruptcy forces immediate liquidation of the assets. Don't be overly optimistic. If revenues ... Read More »

Tax Treatment of Overpaid Social Security?

Social Security tax is calculated at the rate of 0.062 of total taxable wages. Unlike Medicare tax, which has no limit to the amount of wages that can be taxed, only wages up to an annual maximum o... Read More »