How to Record Your Voice Over a Beat on Windows Vista?

Answer Windows Vista does not come preloaded with music editing software. There are several third-party software options available on the Internet that enable users to record their voices over music and b... Read More »

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How do I record voice with Windows XP?

Insert a microphone into the appropriate jack on the back of your PC, or on the side or front of your laptop. The microphone jack looks identical to a headphone jack. If your computer is color code... Read More »

How to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer?

With Microsoft's Sound Recorder, available on all versions of Windows, you can record, edit, and play back your voice. Sound like a chipmunk, a cave troll, or Darth Vader (thirst for world dominati... Read More »

How can I record my voice on Windows XP without a microphone?

It is impossible to record YOUR voice on any computer without a microphone. Mics are cheap, under $5 on eBay. If using a microphone is out of the question, then you can use a mobile device like a c... Read More »

How to Record Audio on a Computer With Windows Vista?

You can record audio on your Windows Vista computer with Microsoft's built-in Windows Sound Recorder. When you record with this program, your microphone input is recorded to a file.