How to Record Your Conversation on Skype?

Answer Skype is a free application for making audio and video calls over the Internet. It includes audio conference calling and instant text messaging, and offers premium services such as voicemail, email... Read More »

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How do you record a vidio with your Skype camera?

its not possible you can only use your cameras when your on a skype video call

How to Delete Messages on Skype From a Previous Conversation?

Skype chat is similar to instant messaging, which is two or more people typing messages to each other on computers or other devices. Skype automatically saves chat conversations, unless you change ... Read More »

Where does skype keep the conversation history?

If you have the appropriate options selected, Skype will store your chat history on your computer. These files are stored in the Skype folder within the Application Data folder. Inside the Skype fo... Read More »

How do you record a telephone conversation?

Sometimes it is useful to record telephone conversations. The easiest way is to go to a shop and buy a telephone conversation recording adapter which is connected between telephone line and the tap... Read More »