How to Record Via USB 2.0 to Windows XP?

Answer Recording a speech through an external microphone onto a computer provides a means for creating a digital file that will not degrade over time, as does a cassette tape. The microphone can be attach... Read More »

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How do I record voice with Windows XP?

Insert a microphone into the appropriate jack on the back of your PC, or on the side or front of your laptop. The microphone jack looks identical to a headphone jack. If your computer is color code... Read More »

How to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer?

With Microsoft's Sound Recorder, available on all versions of Windows, you can record, edit, and play back your voice. Sound like a chipmunk, a cave troll, or Darth Vader (thirst for world dominati... Read More »

How to Record Using Windows Sound Recorder?

Have you ever wanted to record your voice without any fancy software? Or have you just wanted to make power point presentations better? Here is a suggestion on how to do this.

How to Record Screen in Microsoft Windows 7?

Frequently, you need to record screen of your computer to be used as a video tutorial or as visual explanation of some topic. It could be more descriptive than still pictures you take with "Snippin... Read More »