How to Record TV Shows Onto a Laptop?

Answer While TiVo and other devices allow users to record and play back their favorite TV shows and movies whenever they want, those who watch television on their laptops have been forced to rely upon a n... Read More »

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How can I connect my camcorder to my laptop, and record what is on my tv screen onto my laptop all at once?

You need Composite A/V OUT from TV to your camcorder - it may be the VCR that is causing problem as the CAMCORDER should act as VCR, you see, your DOUBLING IT if that makes sense...your telling you... Read More »

How to Record From a VCR Onto a Laptop?

Recording videotape from a VCR onto the hard drive of a laptop requires a converter box to transform the analog signal on the tape into digital data the computer can understand. The easiest way to ... Read More »

I use my laptop to record lots onto dvd-r it use to work fine but now it will only write to a certain type y?

Hi,It is possible that the DVD rom is faulty, it is well know for laptop rom's to die early, probably from the heat generated in such a small space.Try the dvd's on a friends pc.You could also try ... Read More »

I surfed the net via my next door nieghbours router onto my wireless laptop will he have any record of this?

yes and it is not illegal there are no laws yet that say you can not use a wifi network even if it has a WEP KEY. BUT if you wont to remove your ip address from the router just type in ... Read More »