How to Record Pro Audio on Mac Computers?

Answer Apple computers allow you to create professional music, audio books, podcasts and other audio content using digital recording and editing software, some of which is specifically designed and market... Read More »

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How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audio Hijack Pro (Mac)?

Audio Hijack Pro is a free program for Mac computers that can be used to record audio from any application in mp3 file form, including YouTube videos in a web browser. It records the audio only fro... Read More »

How do I connect audio devices to computers?

Determine the connection type. It can connect from USB or it may connect internally as a card. If it's a card, open the computer case and push the card into an open slot and screw the card into the... Read More »

How to Connect Audio Devices to Computers?

Audio devices such as speakers, microphones, headphones, and music players can enhance certain experiences while performing tasks on your computer. To connect an audio device to your computer, you ... Read More »

How to Record DVD Audio to CD?

DVDs and CDs are similar in design and usage, as they both store digital data that is read and decoded by a laser for playback. The major difference is the different file formats used by each and t... Read More »