How to Record Phone Calls to My Computer Using Dial Up?

Answer Although you can record VoIP conversations on a dial-up line, the sound quality of your conversations will suffer when compared to doing so over a high-speed connection. Before recording a VoIP cal... Read More »

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I want to record phone calls on my computer?

here is a computer SIP softfone, download it and you can record all calls, also conference calls...

Why does a dial-up Internet service disconnect when someone calls the phone?

A dial-up Internet connection uses specially encoded sound waves to communicate between your computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) over your telephone line. A device at each end, called... Read More »

How do I record phone calls?

There are two types of recording equipment for phones; Line based and handset based. You can find prices all over the map, like $20 or so for a Radio Shack brand that connects to a standard hands... Read More »

How to Record Cable Phone Calls?

To record your phone conversations, you use a device called a telephone recording adapter. A telephone recording adapter is a device used to send the audio signal from a phone to an audio recording... Read More »