How to Record Music From FM Radio?

Answer Recording music from FM radio can prove convenient, as you can then listen to your favorite songs whenever you want. While some FM radios still have recordable tape decks, audio cassette tapes are ... Read More »

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How to Record Music From Radio Receivers to PC?

Recording music from a radio receiver onto a personal computer is a fast and simple way to build a music collection for virtually no cost. The receiver connects to a PC with a standard set of stere... Read More »

How to Use a Music Demo to Get a Record Deal With a Record Label?

Phantom City Studio - Record Label in Orlando, FloridaIf you are looking for a record deal and want to get signed to a record label, you must first create a music demo. The word demo is shortened f... Read More »

How to Record an Interview or Music Using an Editing/Recording Music Software?

Digital recording promises to be the technology which helps us to get rid of the tiresome work of recording long conversations/interviews on tapes and to no longer be burdened with boxes and boxes ... Read More »

Popular club music or house music on radio?

Not that ive heard of... what you could do is buy an FM transmitter... plug it in ur ipod or mp3 player... switch the settings to the station you want, and the music will take over the station... l... Read More »