How to Record Last Wills & Testaments in Missouri?

Answer A last will and testament, more commonly known as simply a will, provides for the dispensation of one's personal effects, property and other matters, such as custody of children, after death. A wil... Read More »

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Montana Law Governing Last Wills & Testaments?

A person can draft a will to set forth who receives his property after his death. Montana Code 72-2-521 and 72-2-522 include the requirements that must be met for a will to be valid.

Are wills public record?

A standard will is a matter of public record after death because it must go through probate court to have any legal effect. When probate court files a will, it becomes available for public viewing.... Read More »

Are Massachusetts wills public record?

According to, wills are not considered "public records" in Massachusetts. In the state, the only public records are vital records, court records, criminal records and adoption... Read More »

Are wills public record in California?

In California, a will remains a private document at least until the testator dies. If probate is necessary, the will is submitted to a probate court. The court will examine whether the will satisfi... Read More »