How to Record From the Comcast DVR to a VCR?

Answer Comcast digital cable packages include a digital video recorder service. If you are on a Comcast package with DVR included, you can record all of your favorite shows as digital video on to a hard d... Read More »

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How to Record to an External Drive With a Comcast DVR?

All Comcast cable receivers come with a built-in DVR (even if you do not have the recording service activated). This allows you to record programming at any time and watch the programming later at ... Read More »

How to Get a Discount from Comcast?

If you are currently a Comcast customer, or are considering becoming a Comcast customer, there are numerous ways you can receive a discount on your services or total bill amount. In most cases, you... Read More »

Switch from Comcast to At&t internet?

I highly doubt you will be able to do much streaming on a 1.5 mbps internet connection. DSL (ATT) is significantly slower than cable (Comcast). If you want to stream movies and play games I would r... Read More »

How do I transfer files from my Comcast DVR?

DVRs allow you to record shows through your satellite or cable network. Backing up these files before you install a new devise takes a little work but can easily be done with a firewire or USB cabl... Read More »