How to Record Cable Phone Calls?

Answer To record your phone conversations, you use a device called a telephone recording adapter. A telephone recording adapter is a device used to send the audio signal from a phone to an audio recording... Read More »

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How do I record phone calls?

There are two types of recording equipment for phones; Line based and handset based. You can find prices all over the map, like $20 or so for a Radio Shack brand that connects to a standard hands... Read More »

I want to record phone calls on my computer?

here is a computer SIP softfone, download it and you can record all calls, also conference calls...

Can you record your employees'phone calls?

Employers have an inherent right to listen in on and even to record the telephone conversations of their employees. However, due to federal law, employers need to inform their employees that such m... Read More »

How to Record Phone Calls to My Computer Using Dial Up?

Although you can record VoIP conversations on a dial-up line, the sound quality of your conversations will suffer when compared to doing so over a high-speed connection. Before recording a VoIP cal... Read More »