How to Record Autotune in Fl9?

Answer Antares Auto-Tune is program that performs pitch correction for vocals. When it's used as intended, listeners won't notice the pitch correction. But Auto-Tune has gained notoriety because many hip-... Read More »

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Whats a program where i can easily record something and will set autotune ALL for free?

There are none for free, but you can get something that will do what you want for a fairly cheap price. A quick Google search will show you the best deals on the Internet..

How to Use Autotune on a Mac?

Autotune is a feature in GarageBand, a music application that is offered on most Mac computers. Autotune allows users to modify their voice to a robot-like sound. Autotune is a way to liven up your... Read More »

How to Autotune AVS?

Auto-tune is a pitch-correction tool typically used to adjust the intonation of slightly sharp or flat notes. However, the term "to auto-tune" typically refers to setting pitch-correction controls... Read More »

How to Speed up Antares Autotune?

Speed up Autotune's response in order to create a robotic-type effect on your vocals. The Antares Autotune pitch-correction plugin is widely used for correcting minor pitch imperfections in tracks ... Read More »