How to Record Audio to Put in a Documentary?

Answer Narration represents an integral component to some documentaries, serving as the voice that carries and tells the story. The content and quality of the recording is essential in helping maximize th... Read More »

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How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audio Hijack Pro (Mac)?

Audio Hijack Pro is a free program for Mac computers that can be used to record audio from any application in mp3 file form, including YouTube videos in a web browser. It records the audio only fro... Read More »

How to Record DVD Audio to CD?

DVDs and CDs are similar in design and usage, as they both store digital data that is read and decoded by a laser for playback. The major difference is the different file formats used by each and t... Read More »

How to Record Audio From My PC?

Recording audio internally from a computer can be frustrating and tricky. Without the use of a microphone or camera, it may seem impossible to copy such internal sounds a computer makes. These soun... Read More »

How to Record Audio from a DVD?

There is a full range category of DVD disks on the supermarkets and many electronic stores, which are compacted with HQ frames and sound. And tons of DVD videos are updated on the network. If we lo... Read More »