How to Reconnect Your Service With DISH Network?

Answer The Dish Network satellite service, like most service businesses, maintains a database of existing and former customers. To reconnect service with Dish Network after having been disconnected from t... Read More »

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Does Dish Network offer internet service as a bundle with their television service?

Yes they do have a wide variety of packages, and that includes bundled services which will offer you a great discount compared to getting those services individually.

Can you use Tivo with dish network service?

If you are wanting to determine if you are able to connect your TiVO to your DISH Network receiver, we do recommend contacting Tico Technical support directly they will be able to answer your quest... Read More »

Can you use a dish network antenna with direct tv service?

It depends on what Dish satellite and programming you had and what DirecTV programming you want to receive. Each Dish satellite LNB (attached to the dish) picks up different orbital locations as do... Read More »

Can Vonage VoIP service work with DISH Network?

Vonage VoIP services can be used with DISH Network and other satellite television providers. As of February 2010, some retailers sell Vonage and DISH Network together as a package of services.Sourc... Read More »