How to Reconnect Your Service With DISH Network?

Answer The Dish Network satellite service, like most service businesses, maintains a database of existing and former customers. To reconnect service with Dish Network after having been disconnected from t... Read More »

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Does Dish Network offer internet service as a bundle with their television service?

Yes they do have a wide variety of packages, and that includes bundled services which will offer you a great discount compared to getting those services individually.

Do you have to pay for the DVR service from Dish Network?

The receiver from Dish Network that offers the DVR capability does cost extra; there is a standard receiver that Dish Network offers with its satellite service for free. The DVR capability is extre... Read More »

Can you still use your dvr if you cancel your dish network service?

The DVR is still fully functional if your service has been canceled. As stated below, if the equipment is leased, we do expect the equipment to be returned back to us. If we don't receive the recei... Read More »

Who provides newwork service for dish network?

If you are referring to the monthly cost it would be dependent upon what type of receiver for example; high definition or standard definition, DVR capability or no DVR, single receiver or duo recei... Read More »