How to Recone Your Own Guitar Speakers?

Answer Blown guitar speakers can be replaced, or repaired with everyday hand tools and a speaker recone kit. Speaker components can weaken with extended high-power use and exposure to moisture over time, ... Read More »

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How to Recone Speakers?

Reconing a speaker can save you money over the purchase of new speakers. With the right reconing kit, you can bring your old or damaged speaker back to life. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to r... Read More »

The Difference in Stereo Speakers & Guitar Amp Speakers?

As guitarists continue to seek more representative sound from their gear, knowing the differences between guitar amp speakers and stereo speakers is becoming more important for audiophiles as well ... Read More »

What do 8-ohm or 16-ohm guitar speakers mean?

Ohms are a measure of resistance or impedance. In a guitar speaker, ohms refer to how much electricity the speaker resists, and thus how much energy it takes to power it. A speaker with a rating of... Read More »

How to Recone a Subwoofer?

Damage to the cone of a subwoofer can occur for a variety of reasons. Once damaged, the subwoofer is no longer able to perform properly. If the damage is beyond a small tear, which can often be rep... Read More »