How to Recognize Good References for a College Paper?

Answer Creating a good college paper depends on showing your skill as a writer and choosing the best reference sources for your subject. Your instructor wants to see a paper that relies on credible resear... Read More »

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What makes good references for a college paper?

On One Hand: Hard-Copy TextsAppropriate references for college papers, or "scholarly sources," are a broad category encompassing sources written by experts, based on research and including appropri... Read More »

Characteristics of Good References in a College Paper?

Using authoritative and relevant references is essential to writing a good paper in college. It's easy to find hundreds of websites on any topic, but information on the Internet is often inaccurate... Read More »

How to Write a Term Paper & Put References in It?

Writing a term paper can seem like a daunting task, especially when considering the effect it can have on your overall grade. However, with proper organization and the right understanding of MLA or... Read More »

How to Use References When Writing a Term Paper?

When writing a term paper, you must cite your references and sources or risk a failing grade. In addition, by not citing the sources of material you quote, you are committing plagiarism. Teachers m... Read More »