How to Recognize Colic?

Answer Colic is a word every horse owner dreads, as the condition is painful for the horse and can be fatal. In general, colic refers to any form of abdominal pain, usually because of digestive system dis... Read More »

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How to Recognize and Prevent Colic in a Horse?

Does your horse feel ill. Is he just not up to snuff? You've tried everything and need to call a vet. You wished that you had taken precautions so as not to let him get colic? Well, if you are like... Read More »

What can cause colic?

While there seems to be no "cure" or cause for colic, the first step is to make sure that your baby does in fact have colic, rather than some other problem. What you make think is colic could be ac... Read More »

How do you get rid of colic?

I have a one month old and I tried two types of drops and they didnt work but i came across some colic tablets at toys r us and they hanve worked wonders it says to give them 2 every 15 mins and un... Read More »

Phenylephrine for Colic?

Equine gastrointestinal pain or conditions causing abdominal pain are known as colic. However, colic is a clinical sign, not a diagnosis. There are many causes of colic in horses but most are due t... Read More »