How to Recoat a Painted Metal Roof?

Answer Metal roofs are ill-suited for paint adhesion because they are slick and nonporous. Before bare metallic roofs will accept paint, they require a base coat of a special acid-based bonding primer cap... Read More »

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Can a metal roof be installed over an existing shingled roof?

It is possible to install a metal roof over existing shingles. The old shingles will help to insulate the roof. This option also eliminates the labor involved in tearing off the old roof to replace... Read More »

Tile Roof Vs. Metal Seam Roof?

Choosing roofing materials can be a difficult process. Many homebuilders try to balance out utility with appearance and cost. Often, the decision comes down to important alternatives such as tiles ... Read More »

Why do most European/old buildings have the roof painted faint green?

No they don't, it is not paint. Some historic buildings have roofs covered with copper sheet rather than lead. Over several years the copper sheet acquires a fine coating of copper salts from the w... Read More »

Can metal roofing be painted?

Metal roofing can be painted if it's abraded first. Enhance adhesion by applying a galvanized metal-etching primer before you paint. Afterward, coat the primed metal roofing with an exterior acryli... Read More »