How to Recharge the Air Conditioner in a Car?

Answer Do-it-to-yourself auto air conditioning recharging requires eye protection, a charging kit, refrigerant, and some practical knowledge. Keep in mind, if you do not have the manufacturer's specificat... Read More »

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How to Recharge the Air Conditioner in a PT Cruiser?

When the air conditioning system in your PT Cruiser is opened by disconnecting lines to replace parts, the system must be recharged to ensure proper cooling efficiency. Any moisture that has entere... Read More »

How to Recharge GMC Yukon XL Air Conditioner Refrigerant?

All vehicles manufactured after 1995 use environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant to keep the inside of the car and its occupants cool. Freon gas was commonly used before this date but no longer... Read More »

How to Recharge an Air Conditioner on a 2000 Lincoln Continental?

In order to recharge the air conditioning on a 2000 Lincoln Continental, the system must be placed in a vacuum to evacuate all the air within it. If a component is replaced in the system, the refri... Read More »

How to Recharge a 2002 Nissan Xterra Air Conditioner?

The Nissan Xterra's air conditioning system requires an adequate supply of refrigerant to work properly. As it slowly loses its charge over time, the system becomes less efficient at cooling the ai... Read More »