How to Recharge the AC on a 1996 Ford Explorer?

Answer When your Ford Explorer's refrigerant levels begin to drop off over time, the air conditioning will no longer produce adequately cold air. This condition will gradually continue to worsen as more a... Read More »

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How to Recharge Air Conditioning with Freon in a Ford Explorer?

Recharging the air conditioner yourself in your Ford Explorer is possible if your Intrepid is R134 compatible. Most models made in 1995 or prior to that use R12 refrigerant. It is possible to retro... Read More »

How to Remove the PCM in a 1996 Ford Explorer?

The power train control module, or PCM, is an essential part of the engine control system on the 1996 Ford Explorer. The PCM is located under the hood near the blower motor on the passenger side of... Read More »

1996 Ford Explorer V-8 Specifications?

The Explorer is Ford's midsize SUV model and was meant to compete against other midsize SUVs, such as the Chevy Blazer, Toyota 4Runner and Nissan Pathfinder. The V-8 engine was a new feature for th... Read More »

1996 Ford Explorer Won't Turn Over?

To diagnose a starting system issue on your 1996 Ford Explorer, you will need a few basic tools and an assistant for a couple of steps. Follow standard safety practices for dealing with electricity.