How to Recharge The AC in Your Car?

Answer I have gotten very used to my nice cold air condition so when it took a dump on me one winter, and it started getting hot again I was ready to die! Did I mention I live in Florida? So here is how y... Read More »

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How Do I Recharge the A/C in My Car?

Automobile air conditioners are similar to those found in buildings, only more compact and easier to access under the hood. Occasionally a car's air conditioning unit will need coolant added to the... Read More »

How to Recharge MP3 Players?

Portable MP3 players are a great way to listen to your music anywhere because of their built-in batteries. However, you must frequently recharge your MP3 player after prolonged use, which can be do... Read More »

How Often to Recharge the R134A?

After 1994, the Environmental Protection Agency officially banned the production of R12 refrigerant and replaced it with R134a, which is less harmful to the ozone layer. When the air-conditioning i... Read More »