How to Recharge Optima Batteries?

Answer Optima batteries are used extensively in boats, tractors, cars and other vehicles. Optima batteries are a sealed lead acid battery designed for maximum electrical output. The are factory sealed so ... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot Optima Batteries?

Optima batteries are made for use in autos, trucks and boats. The batteries are DC, or deep cycle, batteries that charge off the engine's alternator or via a battery charger. Troubleshooting a batt... Read More »

Are Optima batteries gel cells?

Optima batteries are not gel cells. Gel cells have a coating of silica, which causes them to become stiff. The Optima batteries are AGM, or an absorbed glass matt cell. The AGM batteries have boron... Read More »

How to Use Optima Marine Batteries?

Optima marine batteries are made for boating use. These batteries are also known as DC batteries, which stands for deep cycle. A marine battery powers the starter to turn over the motor and the boa... Read More »

How long do OPTIMA batteries last?

The life expectancy of an OPTIMA battery is 36 to 72 months, based upon the 36-month free exchange guaranteed warranty and a 72-month prorated warranty, according to the company website. The longev... Read More »