How to Receive a Text Message When You Receive E-mail?

Answer If your business or personal life revolves around email, it is important that you receive all of your incoming emails as soon as possible. However, since a computer or Internet access may not alway... Read More »

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Text message problem: what might be the reason you could receive a text but not send?

from my experience, the reason why they weren't able to send texts is because they was a liar

How to Receive Email As a Text Message With Rogers?

Sending emails from your computer to a cell phone can be really convenient if you want to quickly get a hold of someone using a wireless-network device. Sometimes, however, the person may not be ab... Read More »

Hi,i receive a message that i won i lottery.hw will i kw maybe it is true?

That is a scam. Tear it and throw it away. If you deposit the check, it will bounce and you will the owe the bank all that money back.

How come you can send text but not receive text on your iPhone 3gs?