How to Receive a Text Message When You Receive E-mail?

Answer If your business or personal life revolves around email, it is important that you receive all of your incoming emails as soon as possible. However, since a computer or Internet access may not alway... Read More »

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Text message problem: what might be the reason you could receive a text but not send?

from my experience, the reason why they weren't able to send texts is because they was a liar

How to Receive Email As a Text Message With Rogers?

Sending emails from your computer to a cell phone can be really convenient if you want to quickly get a hold of someone using a wireless-network device. Sometimes, however, the person may not be ab... Read More »

When you receive an app from another iphone via 4.0 feature will it use up your iphone data usage when you receive the app?

Seeing as how the iPhone 4 requires a micro-SIM you will have to either get a new micro-SIM from Vodafone; cut your SIM down to a micro-SIM; or purchase a dual SIM adapter that will allow you to us... Read More »

How come you can send text but not receive text on your iPhone 3gs?