How to Receive Past Unemployment Benefits?

Answer When you lose your job in any state, it is important to file for unemployment benefits as soon as possible because claims start on the date you file. Under some circumstances, you may be able to ma... Read More »

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If you receive unemployment benefits can you still receive disability benefits?

Generally speaking, No. There may be extenuating circumstances depending on the state involved where you worked and the nature of the disability. Technically, you wouldn't get disability unless you... Read More »

Can you receive unemployment benefits when your disability benefits end?

Can you receive unemployment benefits if you are receiving a pension?

A person can receive unemployment benefits if he is receiving a pension, but he typically must be seeking new employment, according to the New York Department of Labor website. If a state grants un... Read More »

How long can I receive unemployment benefits in Arizona?

Unemployed workers in Arizona are initially eligible for up to 26 weeks of regular unemployment insurance benefits. After the first 26 weeks of benefits are exhausted, you can receive up to another... Read More »