How to Rebuild the Spindle on a Cub Cadet?

Answer Cub Cadet manufactures a number of mowers for both residential and commercial use. The majority of these tools use a belt and pulley system to rotate the blades the Cub Cadet uses to cut through br... Read More »

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How to Use a Spindle Sander?

A spindle sander is a machine that has a tube-shaped sanding sleeve on an oscillating, rotating spindle. Use this type of sander for smoothing curved areas, cleaning up cuts and sanding out saw mar... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Door Spindle?

The spindle on a doorknob is the cylindrical screw that attaches to both doorknobs on either side of the door and connects to the latch, which allows the door to open. If the spindle is broken or m... Read More »

Indications of a Bad Spindle on a Chrysler?

The spindle on your Chrysler car is a part of the steering and suspension system. The other parts of the suspension and wheel will rotate around the actual spindle. If the spindle in your Chrysler ... Read More »

Spindle Cell Tumors?

Spindle cell tumors are cancerous growths that form under a dog’s skin. A spindle cell tumor generally shows up in dogs as they age. According to, an informational website about dogs... Read More »