How to Rebuild a Clutch Master Cylinder on a 84-89 Corvette?

Answer The 1984 through 1989 Chevrolet Corvette models use a hydraulic system to engage and disengage the clutch. This system consists of a master cylinder mounted on the firewall that is connected to the... Read More »

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How to Rebuild the Master Cylinder on a 1963 Corvette?

The Kelsey Hayes tandem master cylinder found on a 1963 Corvette is a rare and valuable piece and should be handled in such a manner. All care should be taken to preserve the integrity and appearan... Read More »

How to Rebuild a Honda VF1100C Clutch Master Cylinder?

Honda motorcycles have a well-earned reputation for reliability, and the VF1100C, also known as the Magna V65, was also known for its power and style, hitting the street "like a 600-pound chrome sl... Read More »

How to Rebuild a Clutch Slave Cylinder?

A clutch slave cylinder works just like a drum brake wheel cylinder, except a slave cylinder only pushes in one direction to disengage the clutch where a wheel cylinder pushes in two directions bec... Read More »

How to Rebuild an ATV Master Brake Cylinder?

An ATV's brake master cylinder is responsible for generating the hydraulic pressure that closes the brake pads around the wheel's brake discs. The master cylinder relies heavily on the various seal... Read More »