How to Rebuild Starter Motors?

Answer The starter motor of a vehicle is the source of mechanical energy that begins the ignition process. The starter uses electricity from the car battery in order to crank the flywheel. There are numer... Read More »

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How to Rebuild Radiator Fan Motors?

Operated by a thermostatically controlled switch, electric radiator fans are replacing belt-driven engine cooling fans attached to the water pump assembly. Original electric radiator cooling fans a... Read More »

How Starter Motors Work?

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How to Remove Starter Motors?

The starter motor of your automobile is designed to turn the flywheel and get the engine firing to get your engine to run. The starter motor was invented to replace the hand cranks of the original ... Read More »

How to Test Starter Motors?

When you get into your car, turn on the ignition key and all you hear is a clicking sound, the starter motor could be defective. However, for the starter motor to work, you need a starter solenoid.... Read More »