How to Rebuild Rims & Spokes on a Wheel?

Answer Knowing how to lace spokes on a wheel is an essential skill for long-distance bicyclists who ride in areas with heavy debris. You can save a load of cash at the bike shop by building and truing you... Read More »

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How to Clean the Spokes on Rims?

Grease and dirt get stuck in between the spokes on rims, making them difficult to clean. To get between the spokes to remove the excess dirt, it takes a quality rim cleaner or degreaser that is saf... Read More »

How many spokes are on a bike wheel?

A bicycle wheel can have anywhere from 16 to 40 spokes, depending on how many spoke holes are drilled into the rim by the manufacturer. Bicycle wheels with more spokes are stronger and are able to ... Read More »

How many spokes are in a bicycle wheel?

The number of spokes in a bicycle wheel varies, but the most common by far is 36. The number of spokes will always be a multiple of four; there are also 28- and 32-spoke wheel configurations.Refere... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From Motorcycle Wheel Spokes?

Motorcycle wheel spokes can rust if they are not well taken care of, or if the spokes are prone to rusting because the finish has been damaged. Rust will eventually destroy a wheel, so it is best t... Read More »