How to Rebuild Rear Calipers?

Answer A rear brake caliper rebuild becomes necessary when one of your calipers has seized up and is no longer working properly. Signs of a seized rear caliper include difficulty achieving and maintaining... Read More »

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How To Rebuild Rear Brake Calipers?

If you've noticed that your car is having trouble maintaining its speed and one of your back wheels tends to get very hot after a drive, the problem may be a seized rear brake caliper. This can be ... Read More »

How to Rebuild & Repair Motorcycle Rear Brake Calipers?

Disc brakes afford advantages over drum brakes on the rear wheel of a motorcycle. The brake surface is greater on a disc, or rotor, and heat dissipates faster. Overheating can lead to a compounding... Read More »

How to Rebuild BMW Brake Calipers?

BMWs are dependable, long-lasting cars fit for the entire family. Equipped with the latest safety features and styling, the BMW is a vehicle for everyone. Generally BMWs do not demand much maintena... Read More »

How to Rebuild the Brake Calipers on a Mustang?

Inside the caliper on your Mustang is a seal that does double duty for the brake system. Not only does it provide a way to seal the caliper, but when the brake pedal is pushed, it flexes with the c... Read More »