How to Reboot a Zune 30GB?

Answer The 30 GB Zune uses the Zune pad and other face buttons for navigating around the device. Using a series of button combination, you can reboot the Zune. Rebooting the Zune can be useful if your Zun... Read More »

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My Zune 30GB just crashed on Dec. 31, 2008 on start up. Apparently, a lot of Zune users too. How do I fix it?

Ok My Zune did the same thing this morning..I was pissed did some research on line and found a solution it worked for me just find. I am now listening to my music once again. I basically opened up ... Read More »

How much is a 30gb zune?

As of October 2009, online electronics stores sell new Microsoft 30GB Zunes for as little as $155 and refurbished ones for less than $100. This reflects a steady decrease in price: In September 200... Read More »

How to Upgrade a Zune 30Gb Hard Drive?

If your 30GB Zune MP3 player isn't storing songs properly, chances are it's time for a new hard drive. This can be easily accomplished by taking your Zune to an electronics expert, but if you'd lik... Read More »

How do I reboot a Zune?

Depress the "Back" and "Up" button, which are located on the front of the Zune. Hold them until the screen goes blank and reboots.Source:Microsoft: How to Restart a Zune Device