How to Rear Catfish?

Answer Catfish have no scales and are distinguished by barbells on the face that have the appearance of whiskers on a cat, thus the name. Catfish are commonly kept in freshwater aquariums and require some... Read More »

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How to Tie a Catfish Rig?

Fishermen target channel catfish and flathead catfish most often when fishing for catfish. Both fish feed on the water's bottom, so one of the best rigs for catching them is a bottom rig, which kee... Read More »

What Do Bullheads & Catfish Eat?

Three main types of catfish -- bullhead, flathead and channel -- live in water systems throughout the U.S. With over 2,000 species worldwide, some of the strangest members of the catfish family swi... Read More »

How to Hook Catfish?

Anglers like catching channel catfish because they put up a good fight when hooked, and because their white meat is excellent on the table. Channel catfish are primarily bottom-feeders, so one of t... Read More »

How to Boil Catfish?

Catfish is widely used in a number of cuisines. Its firm, white flesh and delicate flavor are suited to a wide range of dishes, from the most intricate Asian preparations to the simplest down-home ... Read More »