How to Read the Oil Dipstick in a Mazda6?

Answer An engine needs oil to work properly so it's critical to do regular checks to make sure you have enough oil. Experts recommend that you check the oil level in your vehicle every time you stop to re... Read More »

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How to Read an Oil Dipstick?

Motor oil lubricates and cleans the engine of your car, and regularly checking the oil level will ensure that your engine runs well. You will get more miles out of an engine that is well-oiled and ... Read More »

How to Read the Engine Oil Dipstick?

It takes less than five minutes to check your automobile's oil. This makes it one of the easiest things on your car to maintain. According to Myer’s Auto Center, oil care “is the most basic bit... Read More »

How to Read a Dipstick on the Transmission?

Transmission fluid is a petroleum-based product that provides lubrication, viscosity and power to the transmission of a vehicle. The fluid helps cool the friction created between the moving interna... Read More »

How to Read an Oil Dipstick With Clear Oil?

New automotive oil presents a challenge to many people when checking vehicle oil levels because its clear to golden-colored appearance can make it nearly invisible on a oil dipstick--unlike amber t... Read More »