How to Read the Date on a Delco Battery?

Answer AC Delco manufactures car batteries for automobiles. The batteries come with a warranty that guarantees their operation for an amount of time after the date of manufacture. To help you figure out i... Read More »

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How do I Read the Manufacture Date on a Trojan T-105 Battery?

Since 1925, Trojan Battery Co. has designed and manufactured deep-cycle batteries for a wide range of vehicles. The 6V Trojan T-105 battery, typically used in golf carts, RVs and marine vehicles, g... Read More »

How to Read an AC Delco Spark Plug?

The spark plugs in your car's engine are indispensable. Without them, there would be no power. Despite the modern computers all new cars have, a skilled mechanic can tell volumes about the conditio... Read More »

How to Add Water to a Delco Battery?

There are three kinds of Delco batteries. The more common ones today (especially in automotive batteries) are maintenance-free batteries. These are sealed batteries and require no maintenance whats... Read More »

Safety Tips for AC Delco Battery?

AC Delco is a major manufacturer of car batteries, primarily found in General Motors' products. AC Delco batteries, as well as those of other manufacturers, contain caustic and corrosive chemicals ... Read More »