How to Read the Cholesterol Chart?

Answer Reading your cholesterol chart may seem like reading another language. Knowing what your numbers mean will help translate the terminology to words that actually relate to your knowledge about healt... Read More »

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How to Read an Ear Reflexology Chart?

You don’t need anatomical knowledge of the ear to be able to read an ear reflexology chart. There are over 100 specific reflex points on the external ear, which relate to all your internal organs... Read More »

How to Read an Astrology Chart?

Astrology studies the interactions between planets and stars, and is based on complicated mathematical cycles. Astrology charts are used to help predict future happenings and in natal birth charts ... Read More »

How to Read a Micrometer Chart?

Micrometers are precision tools that measure small objects. A micrometer consists of measuring rods, a locking lever, a thimble and a friction screw. The thimble is rotated by the friction screw, c... Read More »

How to Read a Bazi Chart?

The Bazi Chart is part of Chinese Astrology and is built around the Four Pillars of Destiny as a way to forecast a persons future. Eight Chinese characters are stacked in groups to form the pillars... Read More »