How to Read the Check Engine Light on a 1998 Honda OBD-II?

Answer Honda started using the OBD-II diagnostic system in their vehicles in 1996. OBD-II is an advanced diagnostic system that covers a wide range of emissions-related sensors, as well as other sensors, ... Read More »

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How to Read the Check Engine Light on a Honda?

A Honda vehicle uses an on-board diagnostic system to monitor the various sensors, valves and solenoids on the vehicle. When there is a problem with such a component, you'll see a "Check Engine" li... Read More »

How to Read a Check Engine Light on a Honda Accord?

While most vehicles introduced an onboard diagnostic system on their vehicles as an "OBD I" system, Honda introduced "OBD 0" as their first diagnostic system. Individuals who are not familiar with ... Read More »

How do I Read the Check Engine Light on a 1991 Honda Civic?

The check engine light in your 1991 Honda Civic comes on when a problem exists. The computer reads the information from all of the sensors in the vehicle and triggers the check engine light if a re... Read More »

How to Reset the Check Engine in a 1998 Honda Civic Lx?

The 1998 Honda Civic is equipped with an onboard diagnostic system that monitors the various electronic engine and emission-control systems. When a fault is identified in one or more components, th... Read More »