How to Read the Air Fuel Ratio?

Answer The air fuel ration is used in automobiles to determine how much air intake should be combined with the gasoline to ignite the engine. Although it is almost impossible to simply know this number ju... Read More »

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How to Read the Air to Fuel Ratio Through an OBD2 Port?

A car's internal computer monitors everything taking place on the vehicle, including the air to fuel ratio. This allows engineers the ability to monitor events taking place on the car and make sure... Read More »

How to Read Air-to-Fuel Ratio With a Volt Ohm Meter Through an OBD2 Port?

It is possible to read and learn just about any information about your car with the OBD2 connection port. The port is commonly found in or below the vehicle's fuse box (under the steering wheel). T... Read More »

How to Read an NPK Ratio?

Fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium must list the percentage of each ingredient by weight on the package. For example, a fertilizer labeled "21-7-14" contains 21 percent nitr... Read More »

How to Read a Gear Ratio?

Gear ratios are used to compare the rate of turns of the input and output shaft in an automobile's transmission, power takeoff, power dividers and rear axles. The ratio between the first and second... Read More »