How to Read an ODS File?

Answer ODS files, short for open document spreadsheets, can be opened by any word processing software. This includes popular processing programs like Microsoft Word, Windows WordPad and OpenOffice Word. S... Read More »

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How to Convert a Text File Into a Computer Read Audio File?

Having a computer convert text to an audio file is useful for the visual impaired, the illiterate, people with learning disabilities, those learning a new language, and students of just about every... Read More »

How to Read a DDF File?

A Diamond Directive file (DDF) is a plain-text command file that controls compression of an individual Windows Cabinet File (CAB). Each DDF has a corresponding CAB, though the reverse is not necess... Read More »

How to Read CSV File in VB?

Comma separated value (CSV) is a simple text file format that is commonly used to store data. A row represents each record in this format, and within each row, a comma separates each value. Visual ... Read More »

How to Read a JAR File?

A JAR file is a Java archive file that is created when several Java applet files are packaged into a single, compressed container file. The JAR archive technology is based on the same compression a... Read More »