How to Read an Analog Electrical Meter?

Answer Your electric meter tells the electric company how much power you have used, but the company often will send you a bill with an estimate of what it thinks your charges will be based on previous yea... Read More »

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How do I Run an Electrical Feed From an Electrical Meter Into a Load Center?

Only if you are comfortable working with electricity and home remodeling should you attempt to run an electircal lead from a meter to a load center. It may require removing and replacing drywall, d... Read More »

How to Connect an Automotive Analog Dwell Meter to Test?

You use a Dwell meters, analog or digital, with older styled ignition systems, the ones that used a distributor with contact points. Cars and trucks manufactured until the mid 1970s use point-style... Read More »

What is an electrical meter base?

An electrical meter base, or meter socket, is an enclosure that contains an electric meter. It covers and protects the wires and electrical connections inside. The electrical meter base also keeps ... Read More »

How to Use an Ohm Meter in an Electrical Circuit?

How well an electric circuit operates depends on the condition of each component and the integrity of the connections between each component. Ohmmeters are one of the many instruments used to analy... Read More »