How to Read a Semi-Log Graph?

Answer In science, semi-log graphs are frequently used when plotting exponential quantities. For instance, you might notice that a semi-log graph is used to track the growth of a bacterial population, sin... Read More »

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How to Graph on Semi-Log Paper?

Semi-logarithmic graph paper is often appropriate when graphing exponential data, such as data describing the multiplication of a bacterial colony. Semi-log graph paper divides the y axis into diff... Read More »

How to Graph Data on Semi Log Paper?

Semilog paper is graph paper in which one axis is on a logarithmic scale. A logarithm is the inverse of an exponent. Logarithms are the power to which the base has to be raised to equal the numb... Read More »

How to Read a Solubility Graph?

To make a gelatin dessert from a powdered mix, you need to use hot water. At lower temperatures, the powder will not dissolve completely. A mixture of a powder and water is called a solution. The p... Read More »

How do you read a Bubble Graph?

If the bubble is up its a good thing... down baaad