How to Read a Rock Cycle?

Answer Reading the rock cycle helps you understand the active processes the Earth goes through over time. In nature nothing is created or destroyed; the rocks and soil beneath your feet are eventually re... Read More »

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How do you define rock cycle?

Rocks seem relatively stable, but volcanic forces, pressure on accumulated sediment and erosion can change the very nature of rocks. Through the rock cycle, ingenous, sedimentary and metamorphic ro... Read More »

When was the rock cycle discovered?

The first modern geologist, James Hutton (1726-1797), described the concept of the rock cycle in the middle of the 18th century. The cycle describes the changing of rocks from one type to another a... Read More »

When did the rock cycle begin?

Because it is cyclical in its nature, the rock cycle does not have a beginning or an ending. The rock cycle involves the subduction of sedimentary rock contained on the Earth's plates deep into the... Read More »

What Are the Different Stations in the Rock Cycle?

The rock cycle is an ongoing process caused by natural forces. The same rocks can be forced through the stations of the rock cycle multiple times, though each cycle can take thousands of years of e... Read More »