How to Read a Realistic Sound Level Meter?

Answer The Realistic (now RadioShack) digital sound level meter is a good way to ensure that you are getting the optimal sound out of your stereo or home theater system. The sound meter, along with a rec... Read More »

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How does a sound meter read sound waves?

Sound is something we are exposed to on a daily basis without even thinking much about it---unless the sounds are too loud or too soft. There are ways to measure sound, and this can be achieved wit... Read More »

What is a sound level meter?

Sound level meters offer a quick and simple method for determining the sound level of a given environment, displaying the decibel level of sound captured by a microphone.DefinitionToolingU defines ... Read More »

How to Set the Speaker Levels in a 5.1 System With a Sound Level Meter?

5.1 systems are a great element of any home theater, but getting the most out of a 5.1 system means being able to adjust it for optimum performance. One of the most important elements that must be ... Read More »

A vacuum cleaner produces sound with a measured sound level of 64.0 dB. What is the pressure amplitude of the sound mPa?

Sound level Lp = 64 dBSPL equals what sound pressure p (rms)?The sound pressure is: 0.0317 pascals (Pa) = 31.7 millipascals (mPa)The reference sound pressure is: p0 = 20 μPa = 2 · 10-5 Pa (0 dB)T... Read More »