How to Read a Poem at My Friend's Funeral?

Answer Dealing with a friend's passing can be extremely difficult. One of the ways that many people have chosen to deal with the sadness and say goodbye is to read a poem or something of meaning at their ... Read More »

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Would you please read this poem in tribute?

I'm sure it took you alot of effort and a long process to come up with a rhyme poem that flows beautifully all the way throughout the end. And I'm sure Chris and his wife would admire this poem, th... Read More »

How to Read a Poem to a Girl?

Here are some ideas on how to treat a girl poem.

Who was the jack paar guest who recited poem about old friends?

Say: 'estoy muy enojada contigo necesito salir ahora' = 'I am very annoyed/irritated by you, and I have to go now'. Or you could say: 'Por favor, cesa de hablar' = 'Please stop talking'

What was the date Jimmy Stewart read the beau poem on johnny Carson?