How to Read a Pipette's Water Level?

Answer At its most basic, a pipette is a graduated tube that draws in liquids for precise volume measurement and then transfers the liquids to other containers. Many types are used for different applicati... Read More »

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Why does the spa water lower when the pool pump turns off and why does the spa water level go down while using the spa if the spa water is approximately 16 inches above pool water level?

Answer The check valve between the spa and the pool is defective.

How to Fix MLA Pipettes?

MLA pipettes have been in use in science and medical laboratories for about 35 years. Prior to that, technologists and lab assistants used glass pipettes and mouth pipetting, which fell out of favo... Read More »

How to Handle Pipettes in the Laboratory?

Laboratory technicians use pipettes, also called pipets or chemical droppers, to take samples of liquids in the laboratory. The most common type is the air displacement pipette, in which a piston c... Read More »

Should there be enough water in a front loading washing machine so that you can see a visible level of water?

Answer Yes, you may not see it across the door but as it moves you will see it splash.