How to Read a Mac Format Drive With Windows Vista?

Answer Microsoft Windows Vista uses the New Technology File System (NTFS) as its native method of handling files on a disk drive. Apple computers running the Mac OS X operating system use Hierarchical Fil... Read More »

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How to Transfer Files and Settings from a Windows Xp or Vista Pc to Windows 7 With an External Hard Drive?

This article is to demonstrate a way to transfer data from a Windows XP or Vista computer to a Windows 7 computer using Windows Easy Transfer. Windows Easy Transfer is a file transferring program i... Read More »

How to Format the C Drive With Windows 7?

In Windows 7, you can format your C drive without being required to format all the other disk drives, or partitions, on your computer. The Windows 7 installation disc that was included with your co... Read More »

How do I format an external hard drive to use with Windows& OS X?

Connect the DrivePlug the external hard drive into an available USB port while your computer is running either Windows or Mac OS X. If your external drive has a power adapter, plug it into a power ... Read More »

How to Clean a Hard Drive With Windows Vista?

Microsoft Windows Vista, as well as all versions of the Windows operating system, ships with a utility application that will allow the user to quickly and easily clean the hard drive of all tempora... Read More »