How to Read a Line in a File in Ruby?

Answer The Ruby programming language incorporates file read functions that allow you to pull a line of information from a file and treat it as a text string. Once retrieved, this information can be displa... Read More »

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How to Read a File Line by Line?

One useful feature of Linux operating systems is the ability to parse information from a Command Line Interface (CLI). For instance, using the "cat" program lets you read any file you have permissi... Read More »

How to Change a Ruby File Extension?

Changing a Ruby file extension is much simpler than converting the actual file; all you have to do is erase the file extension of the file in the root folder and type in the file extension that you... Read More »

How to Convert a Text File Into a Computer Read Audio File?

Having a computer convert text to an audio file is useful for the visual impaired, the illiterate, people with learning disabilities, those learning a new language, and students of just about every... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Simulated Ruby & a Real Ruby?

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