How to Read a Landform Map?

Answer A landform is a particular geomorphic --- relating to the Earth's surface --- feature present on a planet. It can be a very low laying feature, such as a valley, a high-ranging feature, such as a m... Read More »

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What is a delta landform?

The term "delta landform" refers to accumulations of sediment, called alluvium, that occur where rivers meet with large bodies of water, such as a lake or an ocean. Deltas are generally triangular... Read More »

Landform Projects for 3rd Grade?

Hands-on projects can provide an engaging opportunity to teach landform units to third graders. By creating their own landforms, students will be able to see and learn the visual aspects of a landf... Read More »

Landform Map Activities for Kids?

Geography and geology are important subjects for children to understand, in no small part because they are walking around on the object of study. However, it can be difficult to interest young chil... Read More »

Definition of an Archipelago Landform?

An archipelago is simply a cluster or chain of islands. There are numerous archipelagos in oceans and seas all over the world, some of which make up the world's best-known countries and landmarks.