How to Read a Gear Ratio?

Answer Gear ratios are used to compare the rate of turns of the input and output shaft in an automobile's transmission, power takeoff, power dividers and rear axles. The ratio between the first and second... Read More »

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How to Read the Gear Ratio on Cars?

Gear ratio refers to the correlation between the numbers of teeth on two or more gears that are meshed together. Count the number of teeth on the gear that exerts the force, known as the pinion. Ne... Read More »

The Difference Between Low Gear Ratio & High Gear Ratio?

Gears are used in a number of different machines, from cars to factory equipment to pedal-powered pushbikes. They all follow the same principles, though, using one toothed wheel to move another too... Read More »

How to Fix A/T Additional Gear Ratio Errors in First Gear?

Over time, your automatic transmission can break down and stop functioning. You may encounter issues such as additional gear ratios used in the first gear of your car's automatic transmission grind... Read More »

How to Tell What Gear Ratio I Have?

There are a couple ways to tell what your gear ratio is. One is a vague method that will simply tell you if it is low or high, while the other is a specific method that will tell you exactly what y... Read More »