How to Read a Brake Drum Micrometer?

Answer When repairing automotive brake drums, manufacturers specify minimum tolerances, or the maximum amount of wear that a part can undergo before the part must be replaced. During the process of turnin... Read More »

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How to Use a Drum Micrometer?

A drum micrometer is used to measure the inside diameter of the brake drum on vehicles with drum braking systems, primarily for rear brakes, but some antiques have four-wheel drum braking systems. ... Read More »

How to Use and Read an Outside Micrometer?

Machinists, manufacturing and engine professionals use an outside micrometer to measure the outside diameter of a cylindrical or spherical object to one ten-thousandth of an inch (.0001). Micromete... Read More »

How to Read a Micrometer Chart?

Micrometers are precision tools that measure small objects. A micrometer consists of measuring rods, a locking lever, a thimble and a friction screw. The thimble is rotated by the friction screw, c... Read More »

How to Convert a Ford Truck Drum Brake to a Disc Brake?

Ford truck owners convert their drum brakes to disc brakes because of the benefits to their brake system and vehicle. Disc brakes perform better in extreme weather conditions, dissipate heat more e... Read More »